Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about what it takes to hire the band and what you get when you've hired the premier wedding and special event band on the Treasure Coast...

Bandmember Bios

Wanna know more about who is is in The V.R.B?  
Click on the Picture above for Bios on the Band members

Wanna know more about who is is in The V.R.B?
Click on the Picture above for Bios on the Band members

First off, What is The V.R.B?  

The V.R.B, The Victor Ross Band, is a group of well-seasoned professional musicians delivering the best in fun, high-energy dance music for very special events like Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties of all sorts.  

The V.R.B is, at its core, a 6-piece band that can be expanded up to a 10-piece band for larger events.  The band is made up of the Treasure Coast's very best musicians, each with impeccable credentials as live performers and each with a special set of musical skills that really drive The V.R.B sound.  We play a broad mix of music dance music, rock, funk, soul, blues and society jazz (jazz standards). Although that’s what we do best we are certainly not limited to any style and can learn special request songs for special occasions.  For example, I wouldn’t say we are a country band, but we have played many country songs as part of special requests.    

The Biggest question we get (and really the most important) is, are you available for our event? 

Generally speaking, the sooner you contact us the better (we are often booked 10 to 15 months in advance of a given show).  However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t play an event that is only a couple of weeks away; if we have the date open we’d be happy to help you overcome any obstacles and make your event great!  
The best way to know is to contact us directly and submit your date to us through our Contact Page.  Send us your Name, Email address and enter the date on our contact form and hit “Submit”.  We are sure to get it and we’ll get back to you quickly to discuss your event and our availability.   

  • Wanna email us instead?  Please do! Our email address is  Info@TheVRB.com 
  • Wanna call us?  Go for it!  Call us at (772) 971-4488 and we’ll talk! 

Great!  The date is open, we’ve heard your sound and think The V.R.B is a great fit for our event!  So, how do we book the band? 

If we’ve cleared the date, we’ll set up a date to discuss your event in detail and devise a Personalized Plan.  We’ll go through every detail and get a clear vision of your expectations.  Once we discuss your event, we can help you get it all together, even if your vision is a little fuzzy.  Once we are all on the same page, your event is well on its way to being a reality! 

Once we book the band, what should we expect? 

Well, of course the band is going to be great; that’s why you're hiring us!  Our music is top-notch and we strive hard to produce the very best show for every event, but it's our combined professional experience that allows us to deliver flawless, worry-free shows and help our clients realize the event of their dreams!  

Do you offer a set price? 

No, every show is priced differently because the demands of each event are different.  The price thus varies by event and price is affected by the distance involved in traveling to the show, the amount of musicians desired, the support crew and technical support or sound reinforcement that may be required for a larger show and insurance requirements.  Once we discuss your wedding in greater detail, we can come up with a quote for your event and may be able to offer you a package deal. 

Can you travel?  How Far? 

The short answer is Yes!  We are based out of the Treasure Coast of Florida but can indeed travel beyond.  However, traveling beyond 100 miles often increases the cost.  Got a Wedding in California?  We are willing.  Got a corporate event in Jamaica?  We are in, Mon!  Just talk to us and we’ll make sure our schedule allows travel during the dates of your event. 

Can we see The V.R.B play locally? 

Yes and No.  Although we do play the occasional Festival or show for the public, the majority of our work is playing private events.  You can always check out our “Shows” section to see if we happen to have a rare show for the public on our schedule. 

Do you have audio or video of the band playing live? 

Absolutely!  We always seem to be adding and subtracting audio and video content on the site but there are always clips of us playing live (including several CD quality recordings that are available for a FREE Download!) that can be found at the Music & Video section of our site. 

What am I getting when I book The V.R.B? 

  • Expert musicians with decades of combined experience at delivering great musical performances working hard to make your event perfect. 
  • Detailed, well-organized, professional results. 
  • Personalized service solving problems, offering advice and delivering a memorable, hassle-free event. 
In short, we provide a great band and superior service that will help you realize your vision for the event; we work hard at nailing the details you hold dear.  Have you been tasked at making your office party one to remember?  We’re gonna make you look great! 

Can you provide additional music and musicians (like ceremony musicians or cocktail musicians)? 

Absolutely!  We can help with all of your musical, sound and lighting needs for any sized event!  We are often asked to provide instrumentalists or singers for the ceremony portion of a wedding (say an acoustic guitarist, organist or pianist), then deliver a different musician (or group of musicians) for the cocktail and the full VRB for the reception. No problem!  We not only have an incredible team of talented musicians and singers to work with for every type of event, we also have all the sound equipment necessary to make multiple musicians, playing at different times and different locations a reality!     

Can you act as Master of Ceremonies for our event? 

Absolutely!  Victor Ross is an experienced bandleader and Emcee and, with enough information about your event and its participants, he’ll deliver a smooth, perfectly-paced event geared towards your vision. 

Can you help with Song choices for our wedding or event? 

Absolutely!  We have a vast knowledge of music, popular song choices and the all the right tunes to make weddings and special events shine.  We can help! 

Why don’t you have one of those monstrously long song lists? 

A big list tends to overwhelm most clients and many of them have thought, because we had a huge list to choose from, that they had to decide every song for the event!  That’s a daunting task! It’s our job to use what we know about music and performance to guide the musical selections for any given event.  Our repertoire is pretty darn big, but we specialize in delivering a great event worth of music that satisfies your vision, is appropriate to your event and fun for all ages.  That said, with the exception of special requests (i.e. first dances, Father-Daughter dances, etc.), we prefer to be in charge of the event’s music.  How do we know what to play?  We know because we listen to our clients wants and needs and work with them at creating their vision of the event. Once we listen to you, it’s easy for us to devise just the right soundtrack for the event. 

What is your audience? 

We can tailor any event to a given age group, but often (especially with a wedding) we are asked to appeal to a very large demographic. We like to think that we appeal to everyone from 8 to 80 years old.   

Can you play a morning event? 

Absolutely!  We can play music in the morning, music in the evening and music at suppertime (or anytime!) 

How long does it take you to set up? 

We like to have a couple of hours to set up for a large event and the opportunity to sound check.  However, we can abridge setup time if needs be for a given event.  
Do you carry event Liability Insurance?

Yes! We have insurance for every event and will provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Do you have any specific requirements? 

Usually just power, cover, and water but every show is different. 

Do we need to make a deposit? 

Yes.  A deposit in the amount of at least 50% of the total must be delivered at the time of booking to secure the date. The remaining balance is paid on or before the day of performance. 

Do we need to rent anything else when we hire The V.R.B? 

Generally speaking, No.  We arrive at each show with all the gear necessary to play the show we’ve agreed upon.  There may be some rare exceptions if you have a very specific request. 

Just contact us and we’ll help you deliver a magnificent event!