As you wish...”

— The Princess Bride

Those are the words all brides and event coordinators want to hear on the big day and we are ready to deliver!  Music is the biggest part of any great event and the best music is that which appeals to the widest audience and gets people up on the dance floor.  Our goal is to make your event memorable and fun and we start by honoring your vision for the event and helping you find just the right music to make it perfect! 

To that end, our sets range from jazzy cocktails to mellow dinner sets to party-all-night dance tunes!  Of course, we are able and willing to learn special songs for your event, and our experience and musical firepower can provide a staggering list of songs that we can draw from for any given event.  So where's the list?  Well, it changes so often that it's really impossible to make a list long enough to encompass what we can deliver at any given event!  As such, we feel it's better to give our clients the knowledge that we cover classic rock, funk, soul, society music, dance classics and so much more!   That said, we want you to know that your event will be unique and special in every way to reflect your vision, and the music will reflect that, too!

If you are interested in hiring the band, we would be happy to send you an extensive and every-changing song list and, more importantly, help you create the event YOU want!  In the end, we'll custom tailor the music to make your event exactly "As You Wish"!


For more information on hiring The V.R.B, please visit our FAQ page and please use our Contact Page to check for availability.